" Be Kind To The Young...the Ill...and the Elderly

Because In Your Lifetime ...You Will Be All Of These"


Early morning my heart awakens to write
Total silence is alive
I enjoy many Pita Bites and peace
The sound of our fish tank is a waterfall overflowing is my heart and soul
I thank God everyday for all He gives and takes away
I peek in on our son sleeping
His beautiful face is an Angel's shiny and full of light in the dark of night
I feel and know the meaning of a smile coming from somewhere deep within it is natural and free
God bless you I say touching our son without thinking
It comes easily and he is a blessing so pure radiant as life
Amazing beauty is his pure child's heart forever free and meant to be

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Be a child daily, that’s the secret
Mind over matter is about being at peace daily, in spite of circumstance. Being a child of God creates and sustains a peace deep within. With innocence and honesty, children know how to live, eat, love, pray and just simply be themselves. If I decide I will be a child today, I am free. At almost 50, my heart stays young as I work at peace daily through prayer and positive thoughts. With a racing creative mind, and the speed of modern culture, life is far too fast. But when I make my mind still, I truly feel and see life as it is-simple. As a traditional woman, I am the heart of my home. Thanks to my faith in God, I affirm mind over matter daily, knowing I can create a warm and loving home no matter what challenges my family and  I face. Each morning I wake up ahead of my family to pray, trusting in God that I will make each day the best I can. To show my son every day is worth celebrating.  I do special things to bring creativity and wonder to life. Yesterday was a butterfly -themed day, I made all kinds of butterflies. I also make an effort to do good deeds  whenever I can, to teach our son to be a giver-not just a taker-in life. I know my prayers  are not for naught when I recently saw my son give a homeless man a homemade pack he put together with all the essentials, a bible, a toothbrush, a granola bar and soap. The man smiled widely when our son handed him the special pack, and I could see our son felt the happiness of helping others inside his heart. Him practicing “love thy neighbor” made our day. To me, this is mind over matter. In spite of living in a time when the news reports nothing but frightening stories of a world gone mad, I refuse to let fear control my days and I choose to focus on the things I can do to live with the heart of a child, and the random acts of kindness we are all capable of, like helping the homeless or simply choosing to smile. Life can be so simple really, if we stop and slow down like turtles and stay steady on the path to being good people    LOove Paula

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