" Be Kind To The Young...the Ill...and the Elderly

Because In Your Lifetime ...You Will Be All Of These"

Friday, February 7, 2014


To simply, ‘be’;
Is to sit within,
For the way things are
To place another upon the cross,
Is to believe in their goodness~
Forgive yourself
For what you have done
That is gone
Tomorrow is open and new
As morning
And stars awake,
Laughing and dreaming~
“Kiss today goodbye and point me toward tomorrow’;
A familiar song I hear, even now, from my fifth grade play at school~
Teaches us to
Dare live in the moment ,
where everything is well and is happiness…;
Salty tears share oceans of Hope
Crosses in skies of virgin blue
Leave imprints on our hearts as we remember
And forgive~
Praying and thanking God for all the blessings
He has forgiven us~
Forgiveness is
Truth inside,
Having a child’s pure heart,
Trusting in faith
Letting go as a
Bathes us clean~
Love, Paula

Monday, January 13, 2014

The Best Stuff Costs Nothing
warm sun
twinkling stars
our boy's joy and pure heart
celebrations of spirit and soul
sense of goodness
animals true love
finding nature's bounty and gifts
a dolphin smiles
good intentions
a good sleep
circus museum
balance in presence
going on 'sweet 16'wedding  anniversary

Monday, March 21, 2011

the moon

as I awaken,
I see the light
the moon shines deep within my heart
and, as i step out, on our lanai to look up in wonder,
the prayers sing , the love shines in my child's eyes
i am saved...
because i believe
in the mystery , the joy that
Jesus brings...
a cross is alive within the moon , as it fills so does my
finding each creation on its own path ~
Following the brightness of early morning hours, i stand and watch and wait upon the messages
that do arise ~
In pure silence,
i am free-
to love,
to 'be'
full of hope,
of dreams
Everlasting is the
we all
See ~
love, Paula

Friday, January 8, 2010

If I Could

> if i could...
> if i could,
> i'd travel to heaven
> and
> be
> with
> jesus,
> but i am, often here...with his pure ,forever, timeless presence!
> in morning's sun, in creating no matter how i feel or what state
> i am
> in-
> jesus is always in our son's blue eyes...
> i'd love to feel the virgin mary's arms holding me
> so long until i'm ready to let go...
> i will not ever let go dear mother, for you are always my real
> mother and our son's as well-
> i think heaven must be like
> 'being'
> with a million children;
> hearing endless laughter,
> scent of almonds and lemons all around...
> Forever Spring!
> Meeting up with everyone, seeing who they truly are...
> your children, dear God; all good...
> Writing is wonderful
> it is so very healing
> feeling
> every emotion
> in full...,
> quietly emptying as the moon and seas
> also need to do!
> thank you jesus for the simple, complex true art of poetry,
> it brings hope,light
> and most of all
> a gentle, humble, honest love within,
> for you and for all humanity...
> i really see -,
> and finding you,
> is my lasting happiness...
> a clear, freeing breath of heaven upon sweet Earth
> please, help me to do your will
> through this gift and help our son to be able to express
> his deepest self too-...
> because, if he can, then he will be able to
> take better hold,
> and know how to
> shine
> his
> light!!!
> amen
> 1 10

Friday, June 19, 2009

I Wouldn't Want To Go Back

I wouldn't want to go back to being simply a poetess again
Love being a mother first
At one with sweet earth
Tired daily but sprouting wings and wonderful things
Jamesy's eyes speak love every moment I am near
He waits for my breath to continue his journey in the Light
I watch him ...some moments ...he is pure peace
Reminding me that all will be ok and that I am on my way
I see in his smile a joy that is deep and lasting
Creating miracles for everyone who steps into his path
Clear moon beckons
Healing stars find their way into my heart
'Start over' God whispers each day of my life
I wouldn't want to go back"
My Yoke Is Easy And My Burden Is Light"

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

When the expectations of others cross over our initial ideals we find grace bestowed upon us all as we lift a hand to paint silently in the darkness, touch others through pure gift of music or engage the dreams we see awaken in life. It is how we live, not what we have. In stillness hearts dance and flame. In purity of breath we give energy and joy. Receiving happiness is when the expectations of others meet ours. We hold hands and waltz through scent of lavender fields, winters soft hush in whiteness, in the light all comes clear, life moves into rhythm of song, soul opens up, lifts toward freedom anew.
I believe animals are our grace in moments ,unforgettable

Butterflies* as butterflies land , they touch us, blessing open spaces within as we find new beginnings... completing us with sweet nectar and strength for our journey on Earth we fly free and know great sincerity of heart after being felt by soft wings.

Dolphins* dolphins , the gentle creatures they are, help the Autistic to speak , Pure Virgins conceive ,the elderly to feel young, again...Dolphins nature of forever smiles, opens up the spirit and soul to believe anything is possible, once again-Dolphins fill all with great light and hope for today, breathing simplicity of heart

Dogs * desire our presence , giving their complete attention of NOW to us a gift! tis it is to be simply in moments forever a child waging tails rolling in lush fields under stars gazing upon us ....rich spirits alive in our hearts til the end dogs are God like friends of soul-

Cats quiet meditative wild ways ensure us... endure us.... enrich us in spiritual light full ways as we work on becoming unselfish in this life,
cats give us their spirits we receive we give them the warm inside of our palms, same as jesus holds us ..we let go....

Owls owls hooting reminds us we are not alone-On dark nights, in true sound of wind and hush of wings, we are guided by owls sweet messages...calling our hearts to open- Birds Sea-birds, Chickadees, Robins , Red Cardinals, Blue Jays,
Gulls every bird born with wings knows how to fly intuitively
may we leap and fly
may we always give wings to our children-