" Be Kind To The Young...the Ill...and the Elderly

Because In Your Lifetime ...You Will Be All Of These"


Early morning my heart awakens to write
Total silence is alive
I enjoy many Pita Bites and peace
The sound of our fish tank is a waterfall overflowing is my heart and soul
I thank God everyday for all He gives and takes away
I peek in on our son sleeping
His beautiful face is an Angel's shiny and full of light in the dark of night
I feel and know the meaning of a smile coming from somewhere deep within it is natural and free
God bless you I say touching our son without thinking
It comes easily and he is a blessing so pure radiant as life
Amazing beauty is his pure child's heart forever free and meant to be

Friday, February 7, 2014


To simply, ‘be’;
Is to sit within,
For the way things are
To place another upon the cross,
Is to believe in their goodness~
Forgive yourself
For what you have done
That is gone
Tomorrow is open and new
As morning
And stars awake,
Laughing and dreaming~
“Kiss today goodbye and point me toward tomorrow’;
A familiar song I hear, even now, from my fifth grade play at school~
Teaches us to
Dare live in the moment ,
where everything is well and is happiness…;
Salty tears share oceans of Hope
Crosses in skies of virgin blue
Leave imprints on our hearts as we remember
And forgive~
Praying and thanking God for all the blessings
He has forgiven us~
Forgiveness is
Truth inside,
Having a child’s pure heart,
Trusting in faith
Letting go as a
Bathes us clean~
Love, Paula

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