" Be Kind To The Young...the Ill...and the Elderly

Because In Your Lifetime ...You Will Be All Of These"


Early morning my heart awakens to write
Total silence is alive
I enjoy many Pita Bites and peace
The sound of our fish tank is a waterfall overflowing is my heart and soul
I thank God everyday for all He gives and takes away
I peek in on our son sleeping
His beautiful face is an Angel's shiny and full of light in the dark of night
I feel and know the meaning of a smile coming from somewhere deep within it is natural and free
God bless you I say touching our son without thinking
It comes easily and he is a blessing so pure radiant as life
Amazing beauty is his pure child's heart forever free and meant to be

Friday, January 8, 2010

If I Could

> if i could...
> if i could,
> i'd travel to heaven
> and
> be
> with
> jesus,
> but i am, often here...with his pure ,forever, timeless presence!
> in morning's sun, in creating no matter how i feel or what state
> i am
> in-
> jesus is always in our son's blue eyes...
> i'd love to feel the virgin mary's arms holding me
> so long until i'm ready to let go...
> i will not ever let go dear mother, for you are always my real
> mother and our son's as well-
> i think heaven must be like
> 'being'
> with a million children;
> hearing endless laughter,
> scent of almonds and lemons all around...
> Forever Spring!
> Meeting up with everyone, seeing who they truly are...
> your children, dear God; all good...
> Writing is wonderful
> it is so very healing
> feeling
> every emotion
> in full...,
> quietly emptying as the moon and seas
> also need to do!
> thank you jesus for the simple, complex true art of poetry,
> it brings hope,light
> and most of all
> a gentle, humble, honest love within,
> for you and for all humanity...
> i really see -,
> and finding you,
> is my lasting happiness...
> a clear, freeing breath of heaven upon sweet Earth
> please, help me to do your will
> through this gift and help our son to be able to express
> his deepest self too-...
> because, if he can, then he will be able to
> take better hold,
> and know how to
> shine
> his
> light!!!
> amen
> 1 10

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  1. Hi Paula,
    Thank you for your kind letter and I'm happy you loved my story. It means a lot to me to hear that. I will forward your wonderful blog to friends and family.
    Vicky Moon