" Be Kind To The Young...the Ill...and the Elderly

Because In Your Lifetime ...You Will Be All Of These"


Early morning my heart awakens to write
Total silence is alive
I enjoy many Pita Bites and peace
The sound of our fish tank is a waterfall overflowing is my heart and soul
I thank God everyday for all He gives and takes away
I peek in on our son sleeping
His beautiful face is an Angel's shiny and full of light in the dark of night
I feel and know the meaning of a smile coming from somewhere deep within it is natural and free
God bless you I say touching our son without thinking
It comes easily and he is a blessing so pure radiant as life
Amazing beauty is his pure child's heart forever free and meant to be

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I believe animals are our grace in moments ,unforgettable

Butterflies* as butterflies land , they touch us, blessing open spaces within as we find new beginnings... completing us with sweet nectar and strength for our journey on Earth we fly free and know great sincerity of heart after being felt by soft wings.

Dolphins* dolphins , the gentle creatures they are, help the Autistic to speak , Pure Virgins conceive ,the elderly to feel young, again...Dolphins nature of forever smiles, opens up the spirit and soul to believe anything is possible, once again-Dolphins fill all with great light and hope for today, breathing simplicity of heart

Dogs * desire our presence , giving their complete attention of NOW to us a gift! tis it is to be simply in moments forever a child waging tails rolling in lush fields under stars gazing upon us ....rich spirits alive in our hearts til the end dogs are God like friends of soul-

Cats quiet meditative wild ways ensure us... endure us.... enrich us in spiritual light full ways as we work on becoming unselfish in this life,
cats give us their spirits we receive we give them the warm inside of our palms, same as jesus holds us ..we let go....

Owls owls hooting reminds us we are not alone-On dark nights, in true sound of wind and hush of wings, we are guided by owls sweet messages...calling our hearts to open- Birds Sea-birds, Chickadees, Robins , Red Cardinals, Blue Jays,
Gulls every bird born with wings knows how to fly intuitively
may we leap and fly
may we always give wings to our children-

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